The Legacy of The Elders

The story so far...

The characters

Jade, Vern, and Tinker are the adopted grandchildren of Douven Staul of Fallcrest. He has raised them since they were toddlers.

Morvai is a Paladin of the Raven Queen dispatched by his mentor, Kaylen Devron to assist Douven’s kin in finding their lost grandfather. Morvai is also on a mission from the Raven Queen herself from a waking dream he experienced.

Theera Brewbottom was rescued by the adventurer’s above during their time in the Keep on the Shadowfell (H1). She is from a long line of seasoned Dwarven brewmasters and martial warriors and hails from the Brewbottom clan in Hammerfast. Theera is a close combat ranger.

Trinias “Steve” Teverian is a seasoned Dwarf Fighter who also hails from Clan Teverian in Hammerfast. He descends from a long line of fighters.

The story so far

The players sought out their adopted grandfather who headed to Winterhaven for research. After a couple encounters on the way they discovered Douven dead but he left a clue for the adventurers as to where they could locate the long-forgotten Keep on the Shadowfell.

Once in Winterhaven, the party conversed with the locals. One of which, Ninaran, an Elf ranger they suspected to be in league with Kalarel but recent discoveries lead them to believe her motives might lie elsewhere…

Delving into the Keep, the adventurers were successful in routing Kalarel before he was able to open a portal to Orcus’ domain. During their time in the Keep they rescued Theera from her Hobgoblin captors.

The adventurers returned to Winterhaven as saviors of the realm. The then returned to Fallcrest to put their grandfather’s things in order before departing for the Seven Pillared Hall in Thunderspire Mountain.


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